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Catch the most recent news and updates about what's going on with the Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource (CEDR) program right here!

New Dataset added to CEDR!

A Follow-up mortality analysis of the Mallinckrodt uranium processing workers between 1942 and 2012 has just been added to CEDR

Researcher Spotlight

Shin’ichi Kudo Ph.D.: "CEDR's datasets allowed us to analyze mortality taking into account the individual annual dose. The results were published as Sasaki, Kudo and Furuta. Health Phys. 117, 13-19, 2019."

Researcher Spotlight

CEDR data enabled us to develop radiation exposure profiles for workers whose monitoring data were missing or incomplete for the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program. Dr. Dick Toohey, ORAU

New Dataset added to CEDR!

A new dataset is now available from the former Illness and Injury Surveillance Program (IISP). The IISP working dataset is made up of injury data between 1994 and 2011.

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