Effluent Database for Nuclear Power Plants

Data Basis & Limitations


This database is based on information submitted under 10 CFR 50.36a.

What Is This Database

This database is a compilation of data from Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) annual effluent release reports. For each year, the database identifies by NPP, the following types of data:

  • Activity of radioactive materials released
  • Summary of release activity
  • Radiation doses to nearby residents

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Data is entered into the database directly from the annual effluent release reports submitted to the NRC from each NPP. A rigorous quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) program has been implemented to review the data once it has been entered into the database in an attempt to keep data entry errors to a minimum. If you are from a specific NPP and find an error, please contact your NRC Project Manager and direct them to contact the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation Effluent Database Manager. All other questions should be directed to the Office of Public Affairs (see Contact Us).