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Historical Documents

This section contains a list of historical documents.


Document TitleAuthor(s)Site(s)
“Doses-1999, 2000” are serial improvements of plutonium dosimetry for Mayak PA workers  
239Pu: clinico-cytogenetic description of high-incorporation case (24 years of observations)  
A Case-Control Study of Malignant Melanoma Among Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory EmployeesAustin DF, Reynolds P 
A CDC Review Panel's Recommendations on Health Effects and Epidemiological Studies at SRS Plant, Aiken, SCCDCSavannah River
A Computer Code for Calculating Dose Equivalent to a Target Organ per Microcurie-Day Residence of a RadDunning DE 
A Continuing Study of Mortality in Hanford WorkersMarks S, Gilbert ES 
A mathematical model for calculation of 90Sr absorbed dose in dental tissues: Elaboration and comparison to EPR measurements  
A Method for Determining Low Level Alpha Activity from Americium241, Curium244, and Californium252 in Biological MaterialsLow-Beer A 
A Method for Estimating Occupational Radiation Dose to Individuals, using Weekly Dosimetry DataMitchell TJORNL
A parametric stochastic model of bone geometry  
A perspective on Atmospheric Nuclear Tests in NevadaFriesen, H. N. 
A Review of Epidemiologic Studies at Los Alamos National LaboratoryVoelz, George L., Wilkinson, G. S., Acquavella, J. F., Reyes, Michele, McInroy, J. F. 
A Review of Uranium Excretion and Clinical Urinalysis Data in Accidental Exposure Cases - Conference on Occupational Health Experience with UraniumBoback MFernald
A revised model for the deposition and clearance of inhaled particles in human extra-thoracic airways  
A Study of Detailed Dosimetry Records for a Selected Group of Workers Included in the Hanford Mortality StudyGilbert, E.S.Pacific Northwest Laboratory
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