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CEDR Printable Catalog for 2024 is out now!

CEDR is excited to make available a printable catalog describing the CEDR program, its history and all of the data currently accessible on the CEDR website. While the CEDR website will always contain the most up to date information, having the catalog will let you explore all of CEDR’s datasets. The catalog is also a searchable PDF which may help you find the datasets you are looking for. Check it out!

Introducing DOE’s CEDR to ORISE Participants

On November 28, 2023, ORISE STEM Workforce Development partnered with the ORISE Health Studies program to offer a professional development webinar for ORISE research participants called “The Data Treasure Trove: Overview and Demonstration of the Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource (CEDR).” Through CEDR, ORISE provides educators and independent researchers with access to data collected on its workers and other populations exposed to radiation since the U.S. Department of Energy’s early production years.

New Datasets added to CEDR!

The analytic files, FMM23A01, at Fernald for the dataset “Follow-up of uranium processing workers at Fernald between 1951 and 1985” are immediately accessible to authorized users.

New Datasets added to CEDR!

The analytic files, MCM23A01, Mallinckrodt Chemical Works for “Individual and pooled analysis of ionizing radiation effects in Department of Energy uranium worker cohorts operational between 1942-1985” are immediately accessible to authorized users.

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